DAY 2 Summits: LOVE


Cooking with Love

In the episode, you will learn:

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Chef Nuit Regular is the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of PAI, Kiin, Sabai Sabai, and Sukhothai. Chef Nuit has transformed the Thai food scene in Toronto through the distinct flavours of Northern Thai cuisine and hospitality. It all began when Chef Nuit opened the humble Curry Shack in the small town of Pai, in Northern Thailand.

She made the decision to leave her career as a nurse so that she could share her passion and life experiences through family recipes, street market dishes, and Royal Thai cuisine in Canada. The first Thai SELECT Ambassador for Canada, Chef Nuit has been recognized by the government of Thailand for the authenticity of her Thai cooking and was awarded the prestigious Thai SELECT Signature designation for her restaurants. She was a guest judge on MasterChef Canada and Top Chef Canada, Season 9, appeared on Big Food Bucket List, and is a judge on Food Network Canada’s Wall of Chefs. She is also the author of Kiin: Recipes and Stories from Northern Thailand, which was a #1 Bestseller and named a top cookbook of 2020 by Globe & Mail and National Post. 

Follow her on Instagram @chefnuitregular.


Channel Your Soul

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Wendy is a Human Potential Wizard. Tell her your dreams and she'll hold you to them! One of her many gifts is eliminating what stands in the way between you, the programs etched into your brain, and your God-given ability to channel your soul and instantly manifest in this 3D realm using the multidimensional 5D or fifth dimension.

Seeing and deleting all programs that reside in the 3D brain. Seeing the programs in binary sequence, revealing what's standing in the way, between your mind and your soul. And creating the empowerment of teaching you how to do it yourself. Once you remove the things in the way of channeling your soul and see the programs, you can shift timelines and turn programs on and off with ease. 

With a background in Human Development, Leadership Coaching, Deep State Theta Meditation, QHT (Quantum Hypnosis Therapy, EIP (Energetic Interference Patterning) of DNA, Energy Medicine, Access Consciousness, Yuen Method, and Business, You wouldn’t be surprised to know that she had, what she calls an enlightenment experience and WOKE to know the holographic multi-verse in ONENESS.

The divine gift that was delivered to her in an instant allowed her to see, read and transmute mind frequencies that are held in the brain and used against you, wreaking havoc everywhere you look. What she does with that discovery is nothing short of a modern-day miracle, or instant manifestation. All "things" reside in 5D (and beyond) and must reflect in the 3D. What are you waiting for? Let's go... It all comes down to Channeling Your Soul!


Release Your Feminine Power

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Shazia Imam, is an Award-Winning Speaker, ICF Certified Coach and host of the Top 12 Podcast - Feminine & Fulfilled. 

After experiencing her own life fall apart after losing her son and then husband, Shazia realized it was a Divine push to begin living her REAL life. This blossomed into finding her soulmate, discovering her feminine power, and living her deep purpose...One which involves women unleashing their WHOLE selves to feel fulfilled, happy and whole. Isn't life more fabulous that way?!


Fall in Love With YOU

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Gladys Diaz and Michelle Roza, a.k.a. The Love Twins, are certified dating and relationship coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International whose mission it is to ensure that every single woman has the experience of loving and being loved every single day of her life!

Internationally sought-out speakers, they have appeared in various media and publications, such as CNN’s Changemakers, CNN Español, Univision, Brickell Magazine, and they were recently named on Yahoo! Finance’s Top 10 Love Coaches in 2021. Their unique and introspective approach to attracting love and creating intimacy in relationships, has women learn the skills to attract and meet the man of their dreams AND reignite the love, passion, and romance in relationships that were once believed to be over. They help women remove the fears and barriers that have blocked them from having loving, fulfilling relationships so that can effortlessly create the loving, lifelong relationships and the lives their hearts desire with power, grace, and ease!