DAY 3 Summits: MIND & BODY


How to Manifest More Confidence

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Milli Fox is obsessed with all things self-worth and manifestation. Think Brené Brown meets Gabby Bernstein with a sprinkle of goofy on top. 

Her mission is to help women leverage self-worth as their super-power so that they can manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. Milli has been called to live a big, bold life of luxury in order to expand what women believe is possible for them. She aims to raise the collective consciousness and heal generational trauma (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through her coaching, programs and internet dance parties. 

Milli is a published author and voracious reader- who is currently manifesting a private flight to her soon-to-be penthouse in Miami.


Procrastination to Progress: Reclaim Your Life from the Time Thief!

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SuzE Q is a former Professional Dancer, Circus Performer and Choreographer to the stars. She has had the honor to work with Madonna, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Black Eyed Peas and many more. 

Now she enjoys supporting budding female entrepreneurs, in stepping into their passion and purpose, with clarity and intention. As their “Vision Broker”, she guides her clients to design a clear vision of what they want to create and breakthrough any blocks holding them back, so they can achieve their desired results with power, purpose and speed.


Give Yourself Grace

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Chef Crystal is a Private Chef to some of Los Angeles’ most talented entertainers and health enthusiasts. With over 15 years experience working for several high profile clients such as her current Will Smith and the Westbrook Production Team with previous clients ranging from, The Artist Prince, George Lucas(Lucas Films), Mike Tyson, and Jessica Simpson to name a few. 

A graduate of the California Culinary Academy and an alumni of San Diego State University with a degree in Nutritional Science, Chef Crystal has combined her education and professional training to formulate a healthy cuisine ideology. She has been able to create a name for herself by sharing her passion with an emphasis on organic produce, grass fed meats, and even provides the necessary tools to go vegan. Chef Crystal has worked in various environments that has given her space to perfect vegan cuisine in a way that enhances the benefits of this lifestyle; which positively affects her clients personally as well as the global environment. 

Chef Crystals wears many hats. A co-parenting Mother of two, owner of Chef Crystalz World (lifestyle Chef brand), Chefs Guide to Divorce (divorcee dinner events and recipe blog), #CineSoul Dine (community film, music, and dinner series in partnership with AirBnb) and lastly her partnership in a culinary urban development project called Inner City Kitchen set to open in the city of South Los Angeles where they will cater to the community by providing healthy food options but also bring in health experts to share their knowledge on a healthier way of life. Chef Crystal has proven that healthy eating can be achieved by demonstrating to others through her personal experience as a single working mother of two. Chef Crystal believes we have lost touch with our communities and families by making eating a part of our daily checklist as opposed to a priority. It has become her mission to lead others in her philosophy that "Food is not only a necessity for survival but also a way to connect with one's body. Allow food to nurture your body by making it a priority and not a chore”.


Mind, Body, Business

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Trisha Enriquez is a Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness Specialist and owner of No Tummy Mommy.

Although she has had many jobs in her life, including various roles over 15 years in the fitness industry, her most important job to date is being a mother. Trisha recently left her corporate gig to focus on being a full-time content creator and pursue her passion inspiring women all across the world to be happier and healthier mothers through her words, photos, and workouts! 

Check her out at @trishaenriquez on social or visit