The Things that Made You Weird as a Kid, Make You Great Today

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James Victore is an artist, author, and activist who teaches people how to illuminate their individual gifts in order to achieve personal greatness. Described as part Darth Vader, part Yoda, James Victore is the designer and creative thought leader whom people look to to find clarity and purpose in their life and work. James is widely known for his timely wisdom and impassioned views about design and its place in the world. 

At the helm of his independently run design studio, James continually strives to make work that is sexy, strong and memorable; work that tows the line between the sacred and the profane. James’ work has been exhibited (twice!) at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is represented in the permanent collections of museums worldwide including the Louvre in Paris, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam and the Library of Congress. He has an Emmy, a gold and silver medal from the Art Directors Club, and a Grand Prix from the Brno Biennale amongst others. 

His clients include Adobe, MailChimp, Starbucks, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Aveda, Time and Esquire Magazines, Moet & Chandon, Yohji Yamamoto and The City of New York. His new book, “Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life” (Chronicle) will change your life.


Reinvent Yourself

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Shawn is a entrepreneur, leadership coach, and reinvention expert. He sold everything he owned last year, took his business online, and is traveling the world while coaching people to follow their dreams.


Being Fearless, Being You

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Jalen Nelson known as Lickmyfashion is a Stylist, Creative Director, Fashion influencer and Educator. His brand represents being comfortable in your own skin while pushing the boundary in a positive light. He teaches people that breaking the boundary is necessary and in order to achieve what you want in life, hard work is the key to success. There’s no giving up in Jalen’s world, he keeps going and wants his audience to do the same.