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Take a peak into Janet’s media appearances and podcasts as a dancer, host, and creator.

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Be You Girl Ambassador

2020 #BeYou campaign

Host and Co-Producer of WORK IT TV Show

Check out the sneak peak of Season Two of WORK IT! TV Show. We teach audiences to move and look like their favorite popstar.

Host and Creator of the Confidently You Summit

I'm hosting the CONFIDENTLY YOU! Summit June 5-8th, 2021 Get access to over 15 experts in health & wellness, personal growth and women empowerment


How Dance Can Help your Self-Confidence

June 20, 2022

Mother Daughter Empower – EP #19. WORK IT GIRL! How dance can help your self-confidence With Guest Work-it Janet

The Power of Dance Explained

October 3, 2021

The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast – EP #27. The Power of Mindset and Being in the Moment with Janet Castillo

The Power of Dance Explained

October 3, 2021

Results Club with Liat Horovitz

Unleash Your Passion

September 28, 2021

The Part-Time Jungle Podcast – EP #42

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